Effects and Side Effects of Mars - Astro Upay

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Are you having fear of mars? Here is side effects and their positive effects of mars on your life. Check what Astro uncle says about Mars.

Effects and Side Effects of Mars - Astro Upay

Side Effects of Mars
Mars should be strong to get success in any field. A person gets less anger if his Mars is strong. If there are many lines on the Saturn Mountain on palm then you should take care of it. It indicates that your Mars is weak.

You should help those people who have eye problems. You have to feed jaggery to buffalo for life time. You have to feed horse at least once in a month on Tuesday.

A person who cannot get satisfaction in their relations due to weak Mars. They can donate copper plates at least once in a month. You should donate these plates to an idol or worker. You can also feed cow in this plates. Keep jaggery in copper plates and feet it to cow on Tuesday. Keep red lentil in copper plates and donate it to worker. Keep yellow sweet and cover it with red color cloth in copper plates. You can donate this to an idol, teacher, and pundit.

If Mars is not match in marriage then it creates difficulty in marriage life. You should avoid flirting. You should remain loyal if you are in relationship. Take 3 copper coins and tie up in copper chain and wear it from father or elder brother/sister in throat on Tuesday.

If Mars is too much weak then it creates many problems. It is called as mangal dosh.

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