Astrology Remedies for Change in Mindset - Astro Upay

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You are very good in study and you are moving towards your goal. But when you reach at one level and feel that you are going in the wrong way and do other thing. You have to improve your mental strength and confidence. This problem occurs when Moon and Ketu are weak.

Astrology Remedies for Change in Mindset - Astro Upay

Change in Mindset
Wear chitty (one type of crystal) stone adding in silver ring or chain. You can also wear this in first finger. Wear yellow cloth and seat on white bench and do meditation. Your level of understanding and confidence increase.

Take coconut and touch it on your head. You have to offer this to Kalbhairav. Take small shell and deep it in water. Drink that water in the morning. You will get stability in your mind.

When Mercury is weak or Jupiter or Saturn is too strong then your maths becomes weak. There will be distraction in concentration.

You can eat Brahami and Amla. Donate pepper. You will definitely get success. Take 3 coins of copper and tie it up in green thread and wear it in throat on Wednesday. Offer yellow flower to Ganesh and worship him.

You can wear iron ring in middle finger. You have to worship. Do not take decision in hurry. You must have to take advice and guidance. If you take risk then also you will get benefit. But you must have to take calculative risk.

Remedy: When children remain ill in home then every family member have to worship in the morning and keep sweet in the mouth. They must have to drink water after it to get more benefit.

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