Astro Upay for Each Zodiac Sign for Lunar Eclipse

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On 8th October, 2014 the Second and last lunar eclipse of year to occur. Mostly, Lunar eclipse do not gives good results but if you do some astrology remedies than you can you can save yourself from bad results of lunar eclipse.

Astro Upay for Each Zodiac Sign for Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
This lunar eclipse is going to happen on revti nakshtra and on Pisces sign. So, Pisces will be having more effects of this lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse will not be shown on many parts of india, and it will be visible for very short time wherever it will be visible. Check out the timing of lunar eclipse below;

In New Delhi, the eclipse period is as follows:

     Eclipse Start: Noon 2: 50
     Medieval: Noon to 4: 30
     Salvation: pm to 6: 05

Kndgras time of a lunar eclipse in New Delhi:

     Start a lunar eclipse (with Moon): 18: 01: 51
     Finish lunar eclipse: 18: 04: 20
     Local eclipse duration: 00 hours 02 mins 29 secs
     Moon: 18: 01: 51

What are the astrological effects on each sign of this lunar eclipse?

Aries :-  you will win from your enemies, you will be debt free but take care while traveling.

Taurus :- There are change of financial loss, so think twice while taking decision on money related issue, you may also find some issue in your job.

Gemini :- There may be some issue crated with your father or government officials,  your past works may become reason for loss of reputation.

Cancer :-  your destiny is quite weak in this time, so don’t just depend on destiny.

Leo :- There are chance of loss of reputation, also you may find health related issues, take care while driving, and don’t go in to deep water.

Virgo:- you may have some sad news, also chance of dispute with your life partner during this time, there may be occurrence of loss in business or job.

Libra:- you will get some good news, which will give you some mental relief. You will find some new source to earn more, you will be free from debt, disease and enemies.

Scorpio:-  your mental problems will be increased, you may find some problem because of your child, pregnant women do take care little more.

Sagittarius:-There may be dispute with in your family; you will suffer from insomnia and some unknown fear, drive carefully.

Capricorn:- you will not feel good during this time, you will find dispute with your friends and family without any reason.

Aquarius:- High chance of financial loss, you may find some nonsense dispute, so do control while speaking.

Pisces:- This lunar eclipse is happening on your sign, so its quite a critical time for you people. If you are having any metal disease, then you need to take care bit extra. Married people may find dispute with life partner, health problems and you may feel lonely. So, try to be happy as much as possible.

Extra care you need to care:-
  • Do good karma, avoid alcohol and bad karma.
  • Pregnant women’s should take extra care, do care in your regular meal, and keep smiling.
  • Do not sleep while lunar eclipse.
  • You can not clean your home while time of lunar eclipse, so keep your house clean before this event.
  • Do not start new work on this day.
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