Sun Transiting in Virgo From September 17, Check Zodiac Sign wise Effects

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From 17th September, 2014, Sun is transiting in Virgo sign, sun is king of all planets so there must be some impact of this transit on all signs. Let’s see how this transit of sun in Virgo will affect all zodiac sign, lets discuss in detail.

Sun Transiting in Virgo From September 17, Check Zodiac Sign wise Effects

Sun Transiting in Virgo From September 17

On 17th September, 2014 (Wednesday), Sun will move to Virgo from Leo sign at 6 AM (Delhi time). It is not going to give good benefit to any sign then the sign in which it’s moving. The changes will be depending on position of Sun in native’s Kundali and also on Dasha of planets and their association with Sun.
Let’s read the effects of these changes on every zodiac sign (moon sign).

Aries :- The transit is taking place on the sixth house of native sign, there will be some dispute with children and father may arise. You will find some difficulty in education related issue. It is advised to not to take any risk in financial matters.

Taurus :- The transit is taking place at 5th house, at the conjunction with mercury, you may take some hard decision, you may find some dispute in family. You should take care of your child’s health. If you are pregnant, then you need to take extra take care of your life.

Gemini :- Transit is taking place at fourth house where rahu also will be there for next month. You may feel lack of happiness within your family. You should take care of your mother’s health, there are chance of loss in business and job too. Don’t let depression take over you.

Cancer: - Sun will be in third house from cancer. You will be more enthusiastic in your work, your public contacts will increase, you may get some good news related work and business. Don’t be over confident yourself.

Leo :- Transit is taking place at 2nd house, it will make some money loss issue, decision taken in agitation will be harmful, think twice before taking decision. You have to control over anger, you may find some health issues related to eye, teeth and head.

Virgo :- You may be find distracted from your goal, unwanted money problems are foreseen. There is chance of dispute with business partner. But you will find some way to overcome these issues. You should take care of your behavior at work and try to maintain good relation with your senior.

Libra :- Transit is happening at 12th house, you will feel like no money, you may go to long journey, you will give good fight to your competitor. You will get some profit in business/job. Always maintain good relation with boss.

Scorpio :- you may gain paternal property, but careful in this matter. You will get some sudden profit in job and business. But chance of loss too, so take every decision carefully. If you are pregnant, then you should take extra care of your health.

Sagittarius :- This transit is taking place at 10th house, you will get destined income,  but you will find some dispute with father and seniors at your job. Give some time to your mother and father, you may have go to some journey, in sudden.

Capricorn :- This transit is happening at 8th house, things will be not in your favour, Don’t take risk, try to avoid it as much as possible, don’t just depend on your luck. You may find dispute with your family members, close friends, so take care of it. Financial loss also may happen; also you may find some trouble at your work place.

Aquarius :- This transit is not favorable for married people,  you need to give extra care to your partner’s health.  You may also meet some accident,  so drive carefully. You may find back pain, and always alert on financial issue.

Pisces :- Not so favorable month for your marriage life, you may find some dispute with your partner without any reason. Also you should be alert with your business partner too. You should avoid taking risk in financial matters.  You may also find health issues; take care of yourself.

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