Parenting Behalf of Birth Time - Astrology Remedies

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Today we will know how to do parenting of child on behalf of Birth Time from astro uncle. How astrology is related with parenting.

Parenting Behalf of Birth Time - Astrology Remedies

Parenting Behalf of Birth Time
It is very difficult to do parenting. But there are types of parenting. You should know the qualities of the child and treat them in that way.

Parents have to do such extra work for children who born during sunrise and sunset. They have different temperament. They have mood swings. They remain confused more.

Children who born between 4 to 6 AM they have more energy. But they are lazy too. They should avoid waking up late night.

They have good and high ambitions but they do not know how to accomplish them. So you have to work with them. You should understand them.

They need support from father and mother but they need more support from mother. They can drink water in silver glass. They have to offer water to the sun.

Children who born in the evening, you should try to give strength to their moon. They feel stress from the afternoon. Their concentration level also decreases.

Do not lose courage. You should try to achieve your goals. You should check girls BMI. They also have do thyroid test.

They have to drink water in silver glass. They can take Brahami, Amla and Shankpushpi. They can live in the vicinity of mother.

They have to play sports. They have to see sunrise. They can wear silver ring in last finger. They have to work in team. They can light a lamp in the evening.

Extra Remedy: You have to offer water to the sun or take lukewarm water and jaggery along with you to get success while traveling. You can also keep water in small pot outside of the home.

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