How to Make Your Child Fear Free - Astro Upay

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Do you have fear of nights? Is your child scared of something? Here is some simple Astrology Remedy with reason for fear and how to being fear free.

How to Make Your Child Fear Free - Astro Upay

Child Fear Free
Children have fear from night/dark, loneliness. It is not good sign. They should do such remedy to get rid from this. Sometimes child get fear due to dreams. They get fear due to their imagination. Sometimes it becomes disorder. One should try to make their Moon-Ketu and Saturn-Rahu stronger.

They can get by wearing agate. You should take child slowly at those places where he feels fear. You should light a lamp in the evening.

You can chant “Om Aem Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichaye” mantra for 11 times and do Havan every day. Fear removed by chanting this mantra.

You can wear the root of Ashwganda in grey thread in throat on Thursday. You have to eat ashwgandha and misri.

Due to powerless main planet and Moon child have insecurity. They become sentimental when their Moon is affected by Saturn or Ketu. They want support from everyone. They do mistake by thinking that someone leave them. They should wear silver ring or bracelet.

They get rid from fear if they get good support from family. Children should feed 3 dogs every day.

They can chant “Om Kram Krim Krim Sah Momay Namah” or Bajrang Bann. You should do tilak from jasmine oil.

Extra Remedy: If you face problems in spiritual work then you can go in the vicinity of idol. You can worship lord Ganesha regularly. You can also do meditation for lord Vishnu.

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