How to make Dull Kids Smarter - Astrology Upay

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Are you child is dull in study and other things? Here is some Astrology remedies to make your child smarter.

How to make Dull Kids Smarter - Astrology Upay

Dull Kids Smarter
Every child is different. Some children are lazy. Due to this his mind does not work properly. If you have less energy then also you become lazy. You should do such remedy for this.

Weak Jupiter, Venus and Main planet increase the laziness. Strong Moon and weak Mars also increase the laziness. Use of more techniques also increases the laziness in child.

Do not give milk tea to the children. They can drink green tea. They should drink more water. Make powder of flaxseed and take it in the morning with water.

They can wear silver ring in the thumb. They can get benefit by wearing opal, sphatik or Jarkan’s ring in middle finger.

Do not provide too much facility to children. Give such work to do their own.

You should make control on your food habits. You should avoid taking rice in the night. Do not take juice food and too much food at a single time. Do not drink milk in the night. You have to avoid jackfruit, brinjal and cabbage.

You can take curd and butter milk in the day. You can eat light khichdi and gram water. You can take trikatu adding in honey. You can walk on grass.

You can take Vach and Asthaghandha. You can get benefit by taking medical advice and such minerals.

Extra Remedy: If you have threat of defamation then it is not good. You will get benefit by flowing 7 grams in water on Sunday. You should do this remedy for 5 Sundays.

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