How to Improve Your Luck - Astrology Remedies

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Do you want to improve Luck? Check out the astrology remedies to improve your luck in easy way. If luck is with you then you can win the world. But luck does not support everyone. Everyone’s luck is not same.

How to Improve Your Luck - Astrology Remedies

Improve Your Luck
To get more benefit by luck you can do Ekadashi fast. You have to do this fast for every Ekadashi in a year. You have to offer water to the sun. Do not eat rice. You have to donate rice or rice products. You have to take milk, water and fruit during fast. You have to see an idol. You have to chant your deity. You should donate something in evening. You have to see Moon after this. You have to take sleep on time. You will get advent of good luck.

You should server cow and poor on Amavashya. You have to do gratification to Pitru. Take pottery, add black sesame and water. You have to seat facing south side and chant “Om Pitru Devay Namah Om Shanti Bhavah”. You will get benefit.

You should go pilgrimage. It increases the wealth in the home and child’s luck becomes strong. The anger will reduce and self-confidence increase.

You will get benefit by donating such things. It should be done by child and you have to donate stuff which relates to your weak planet.

Extra Remedy: A person who can be mislead easily they have to wear copper bracelet. Their confidence level will increase.

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