How to get Fame by Name - Astrology Remedy by Astro Uncle

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Do you want Fame, success? here is some tricks and astrology tips by astro uncle pawan sinha for getting fame and success via NAME. How, lets check it out.

How to get Fame by Name - Astrology Remedy by Astro Uncle

Fame by Name - Astrology Remedy
Everyone wants to be famous. They want everyone remembers them in the world. It is necessary to have good name to get fame.

If you change in the letters of your name then you can get attraction and fame also. You can remove or add some letter in your name.

The Sun and Moon should be strong in your name. Fire element should be strong to get fame by working hard. C, D, M, N, W, X letters denote fire element. You will get fame by adding these letters in your name. It also helps those who want to work but they do not have desire.

You can also include A, J, S letters in your name. You can get strength by adding A, J, S, B, K, T, F, O, X letters in your name.

You can get benefit by doing double A wherever the letter A comes in your name. You can also add A letter in your name. You can also get fame by adding letter A in your signature.

The value of A, J and S is 1. The value of B, K, and T is 2. The value of C, L, and U is 3. The value of D, M and V is 4. The value of E, N and W is 5. The value of F, O and X is 6. The value of G, P and Y is 7. The value of H, Q and Z is 8. The value of I and R is 9.

If the total of your date of birth is 2 then you can also do total of your name 2. You can change in your name and add or remove letters from it. You can also add the letters in your signature. The wheels of numbers are 2, 5, 7 and 3, 6, 9 and 1, 4, 7.

Extra Remedy: If diseases are increased in your home then you have to do Rudra abhishek on Tryodashi. It will vanish the diseases from your home.

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