How to Build confidence - Astrology Remedies by Astro Uncle

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It is very important to know the weakness of child. If you do not solve it then they cannot make progress. Guardian should take care of them. Parenting is very important for everyone. 

How to Build confidence - Astrology Remedies by Astro Uncle

How to Build confidence
If life line meets to the mind line then child cannot take decisions. He thinks too much to take decisions. If life line goes downward then child has weak heart or will power. If heart line goes straight and meets life line and mind line or mind lines goes downward then it shows child has weak mind and he cannot take decisions. They have fear. They cannot trust anyone.

You should motivate them in every work. You have to give time to their thinking. You should advise them about their conscientious. Divide child’s day in small parts. You may get benefit by avoiding too much task at one time.

You should give them Brahami. They can drink water in glass of silver. They can wear Sarpghandh in throat tying up in black thread on Saturday.

You can keep them in vicinity of dainty. They get power by their love. They can get more benefit by chanting “Om Ham Hanumataye Namah”.

Child’s confidence increase and thread decrease by chanting “Om Ham”. During this chant he has to take breath in and out.

Child can get benefit by wearing coral necklace in throat. But his Mars should not markesh. They can seat in front of the lord Shiva and do meditation. Your threat will be removed. They become brave by worshiping lord Hanuman or chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Extra Remedy: If you do not get happiness from child then you can keep honey in silver bowl at your worship place. You have to keep it on Monday, Thursday or Friday.

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