Astrology Remedies to Improve Relationships - Astro Uncle

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You do not get good relations if your Sun, Moon and Jupiter are weak. People also do not like you. Even the colleagues do not support you. It increases the frustration, anger and negativity.

Astrology Remedies to Improve Relationships - Astro Uncle

Improve Relationships
You can flow 5 almonds and little misri in to the water on Sunday. Do not waste water and salt as your Sun and Moon affects.

You can make your relations strengthen by donating your work at such place where people do storage of water.

You can stir up any green vegetable in well on Sunday or Wednesday. Do not take donation. You have to keep such thing from the worship place. Do not avoid rice on Ekadashi but you have to donate it.

People who are doing the work of wood cutting they have to leave this work. They have to donate wooden stuff on Sunday or Thursday.

You can flow green vegetable, leaf or grass in water on Wednesday. You have to seat in front of the idol. You can wear Rudraksh on shoulder or wrist.

Do not speak lie. Do not do any work in hurry. Do not help them too much. You have to help them when they need.

You can wear small ball of copper or gold in throat on Thursday. You can donate coal which is made from wood on Saturday.

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