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Does your child work on computer or writing? If yes, then he may have pain in fingers or palms or shoulders. Mother whose Jupiter is weak their children may have finger pain. Earlier we used fingers for writing but now we used our fingers for typing.

Astrology Remedies for Finger Pain - Astro Uncle

Finger Pain
You may have pain in tumor if Rahu-Saturn is weak. They may have problem in splitting finger. You should take medical advice. You should take proper food. A person who has gout problem they may also have finger pain.

You should do such remedy for gout. You should take food in limited amount. You have to take protein under medical advice. You can keep your hand in lukewarm water every day.

You have to take turmeric for lifetime. You can get benefit by taking Trifla before sleep. You should reduce the amount of taking food slowly. You should avoid eating cauliflower and brinjal. You have to take turmeric in your food or with water.

You should avoid taking too much protein or milk. You should avoid taking Kheera, tomato and onion. You have to take bath with cold water. You can drink lukewarm water. You can eat clove after taking lunch/dinner. You can keep your hands in oil and after that in lukewarm water.

Extra Remedy: If you become part of conspiracy then you can get benefit by wearing the wood of Shami or the root of Bichoo grass in black thread. You have to tie this on your shoulder.

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