Success in Business - Astrology Remedy by Astro Uncle

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On user request, here is astrology remedy to get success in Business by astro uncle. If you are doing business here is some simple basic remedy by which you can achieve success in business.

Success in Business - Astrology Remedy by Astro Uncle

If you have ancestral business then children will take over it. There are ups and downs in the business. Planets who create problems according to birth chart they can considered as bad. Such planets affects in marriage, business and so on. In business Sun is necessary for prestige. Saturn and Mercury are also required.

The length of palm and fingers should be similar. Thumb should be long. The division of thumb should be equal. Mercury line should be straight and clear. Mind line should be upward and rising.

Take kaudiya and keep ghee and Kapoor on it. You have to light it. You can also light it on upward side of the wall. When it burns take it ash. You can use it on your navel and forehead every day. You have to donate orange or any other sour fruit to poor children on Monday or Friday.

You can donate goat to any poor old women on Wednesday in a year. You have to wear copper bracelet on left hand on Wednesday.

You have to serve monkeys. You have to feed monkeys banana or grams on Tuesday or Saturday.

Take root of Shami tree and keep in red cloth. You have to keep it on child’s treasury or worship place. The ups and downs will remove.

Extra Remedy: If you have gas problem in the evening then you have to light a mustard oil lamp in the evening on the east side or southeast side and seat in front of it and do meditation. You get more benefit if you do it during sunset. You have to use white asafetida.

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