Improve your Brain Power - Astrology Remedy - Astro Upay

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Are you feeling weak in brain storming or you are having a weak brain power? A strong brainpower is always appreciated and helpful to all, here is astrology remedy to increase brain power by astro uncle.

Improve your Brain Power - Astrology Remedy - Astro Upay

It is saying that one can increase their brainpower by taking milk and almond. However there are many ways to increase the brainpower.

Brainpower would be good if Mercury-Moon and Sun-Jupiter is good. If these planets are weak then they have less confidence.

Your brainpower will increase by chanting Ganesh Atharwashirsh. You will get benefit by doing “Gum” or “Om Gum Ganpataye Namah” for 15-20 minutes.

You can take jaggery and gram to increase the brainpower. You can also bake gram in jaggery. Do not eat too much at same time.

You should take spinach, green vegetables and lentil. Do not take too much corn flour. You have to maximum use of choker flour. You should avoid juicy and non-veg food.

You can use rosemary and almond oil. You can take bottle gourd. You should wake up during sunrise. You can wear sphatik necklace or keep crystal ball with you.

Extra Remedy: If mother’s health remains unstable then every child of family has to avoid taking rice on Ekadashi. They have to donate rice-milk on Ekadashi. You have to do fast offering to mother.

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