How to Get Praise among your Friends - Astrology Remedy

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Do you getting ignored among your friends? do you like to get praise? (who don't). There are sometimes happens when you do good work then also you don't get praise from people you like and love. Here is astrology remedy to get praise among your circle.

How to Get Praise among your Friends - Astrology Remedy

Praise among your Friends
Everyone likes their praise. Children likes that someone praise them. People praise you if your Jupiter and Moon is good. If Venus is good then a person would be happy-go-lucky. People praise you if Jupiter is good along with the Venus-Moon. You will get more prestige.

Take any green vegetable and keep it in palm and chant “Om Bum Budhay Namah” for 11 times. You have to hide it in any hole on Wednesday.

You can win others heart if you do brush with babool. You can do gurgling with water of phatakri.

You can keep crystal ball along with you or headrest. You can wear sphatik necklace adding moonga’s pendant or green stone or gilt’s pendant.

Take 11 leafs, which are drop from tree, peeple and drop honey on it. You have to flow these leafs in water after the sunset on Saturday.

Extra Remedy: If you want to praise from teacher then you have to donate yellow flowers to them. You can also donate turmeric, rice and gram flour on Shukal Paksh’s Thursday in temple.


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