Astrology Remedy for Bad Eating Habits

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How you can improve your planets by eating habits. Here is something you need to know about bad eating habits from astro uncle. Astrology remedy for bad eating habits.

Astrology Remedy for Bad Eating Habits. 

Bad Eating Habits
Today, there are so many children who eat lot more and such children eat too less. They do not know what to eat or not. There has been seen eating disorder in children.

They have phobia that if they eat more then they become fat. There are such children who eat more and after that they become nervous. There are such children who eat so much even they do not like such food.

Sometimes child may become stress. Child can wear brass ring in the index finger. His emotions become good and problems relating to it also solved. You can get benefit by wearing copper ring in last finger on Wednesday.

Keep red liquorice in red clothes and wear it. Children can also get benefit by eating yellow gram and jaggery.

Bad Eating Habits
Drench Triphla in the night and filter it in the morning. Child has to drink this. Children can also eat gram, almond, and fruits.

Take root of papaya and tie it up in any color thread and wear it in neck on Wednesday. They can also eat papaya adding black salt or bukanu.

You should eat one glass water which should be kept in silver or copper glass. You have to eat after worship and dainty to the god. You have to take breakfast between 7:00 - 8:30 AM.

Remedy: If you feel unhappy then you can wear 6-7 rati’s turquoise in neck on Friday adding silver in sphatik necklace.

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