When, How and How much to Eat - Astro Upay on Eating Habits

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It is very important what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. Children eat what they have to avoid. There are 3 parts of the food. One is body and another is mind. Food habits affects on your mind. Your body, skin, personality and mind depend on food habits.

When, How and How much to Eat - Astro Upay on Eating Habits

Astro Upay on Eating Habits
If you like to eat different food then you have to eat in less quantity. You have to eat on right time. You have to avoid chutney in winter. Do not intake other food.

Do not eat too much fry, bake and cold food. You have to eat little bit less regarding to hunger. You have to eat more green vegetables.

Do not drink water along with food. Do not drink water before and after one hour of lunch/dinner. It increases the uneasiness and bile.

You have to avoid eating juicy food in the afternoon. You have to try to eat your dinner before sunset. Do not intake dinner at late night.

You have to sit bending your legs while doing lunch/dinner. If you have gout problem then you have to drink water adding lemon and black iodine before lunch/dinner.

You have to add turmeric in food. Do not eat hot food. If fat is more then taking mild hot water add honey and then eat. You can drink green tea after 15 minutes. Do not eat in too much gap.

Special Remedy
: When you have confusion regarding your career then you have to offer Supari to lord Ganesh and do meditation. You will find solution.

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