What is the Planetary Influence? - Astro Upay

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Sun is the powerful planet out of the nine planets. Mercury and Venus are near to it. They affect human’s life directly. Sun, Saturn and Venus all three main planets are in their high position out of which Venus plays main part.

What is the Planetary Influence? - Astro Upay

What is the Planetary Influence
Venus stays in its high sing until 24th May 2014. It affects more on economy, health and politics. People have good and bad effects according to their birth chart.

Aries: Health issue can be solved. Financial position will increase. Try to understand your partner. You have to offer water to Sun. You will get benefit.

Taurus: It is good time for them. They get happiness from property, vehicle and building. They win over enemies and rivals. You have to use this time properly. Start your day by intake of jaggery.

Gemini: You may get child. Problems can be vanishing due to sudden profit. Do not become careless in health. You have to avoid red color.

Cancer: You will get property, position and prestige. Problems would be removed in love relationship. Take care of food habits. Don’t be overconfidence.

Leo: They get success in career. There might be profitable change in job. You have to control your diabetes. You have to keep red handkerchief with you.

Virgo: Problems relating business will be solved. There would be good change in job. You have to keep patient in married life. You have to donate jaggery on Sunday.

Libra: You might be engaged. You will get financial benefit. You have to take care of your health. You have to light lamp under the peeple tree on Saturday.

Scorpio: You may travel. New projects will take place. You have to be careful in transaction of money. Pregnant women have to take care of themselves.

Saggitarius: You will get vehicle or important thing. You will go abroad. You have to avoid unnecessary expenses. You have to use soft smell every day.

Capricorn: Knee pain will increase. Children’s behavior creates problem. Financial position will increase. You have to see Sun and offer Aradhya.

Aquarius: You will get new chance. Your mind can divert towards spirituality. Take care of stomach problem. You have to chant Sun mantra in the morning.

Pisces: You have to take care of diabetes and hormones problems. Don’t be careless in food habits. You may get new job. You have to wear copper’s ring or bracelet.

Good Luck: Whenever you clean your house add vinegar in water it vanish the diseases from the home. It removes negativity.


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