Rahu Transit to Virgo (July 12, 2014) - Check Effects on Each Zodiac Sign

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Rahu Grah is transiting into Virgo sign from 12th July, 2014 check the zodiac sign wise impact on your life and remedy for all. Rahu means shadowy planet, which can take you to more success and can throw you in pits. Check what this transit will make changes in your life.

Check what effects Rahu transit to Virgo will have on all zodiac signs (moon Sign)

Rahu transit to Virgo
Aries: - you financial condition will improve,   more profits can be seen in your business. Your boss and senior will appreciate your work, whether it is job or business, improvement is foreseen in both. You need to donate red lentils to beggar.

Taurus: - taking right decision at right time will be difficult for you. You need to think twice on new proposals, be aware in financial matters, save yourself from involving in legal matters. You should wear silver ring.

Gemini: - you need to take care of your family, you need to try more and more, you may unsuccessful in initial try but don’t give up. Have courage to do more new things; do not develop grudges from friends and colleagues. You should worship goodness saraswati mata.

Cancer: - you will get more fame in your social circle, your business will reach new heights, you will get more projects. It’s the best time to do favorable things like travelling or entertainment tasks and trips. Wearing eight mouthed Rudraksha will yield auspicious results.

Leo:- Not so favorable transit for you, your competitors will get more courage than you, if you are going to do any important thing, think twice, keep take care of your health. You must careful in financial matters. Keep solid ball of silver with you.

Virgo:- Without any reason, you will feel worried for nothing, you need to make better relation with business partner and life partner. Take care of your health, don’t spoil relation with females, and don’t go shortcut way in financial matters. Float some coconut in running water.
Libra:- you will feel worry for your family and family related issues, there are possibility of changes in home, job or business. Your expense is going to rise, take care of it. Avoid unnecessary trips, take care of your image in social circle.  Flow in water a coal log equivalent to your weight.
Scorpio:- This transit will bring favorable result to you. You can start new ventures or can undertake new endeavors, you will get help from friends and family, also your health will improve. Donate barley on regular basis.
Sagittarius:- This time, you will be good in dealing with unfavorable situations, you are going to do awesome in your business, jobless people will get jobs soon, your health will remain good over the time. Do serve food to blind people.
Capricorn:- Mixed results for you, you will get more opportunities in business, your self confidence will boost, Stay away from ego and keep on doing self analysis. Apply Kesar Tilak on forehead.
Aquarius:- you may find some difficulties in your efforts, you may find some problems in job, you better avoid conflict with life partner. Don’t be careless in health matters; Keep a square piece of silver with you.
Pisces:- your day to day work may got affected, you better remain independent during this period. You should adjust with your family and try to maintain good relation with colleague and partners. Float six coconuts with husk in running water.

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