Importance of Gold in Astrology (Use and Benefits) - Astro Upay

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Rad all about how gold relates your destiny and fate, importance of gold in astrology, how it will help our destiny to change.

Importance of Gold in Astrology (Use and Benefits) - Astro Upay

Gold in Astrology

Gold is the priceless metal found on the earth. It shows prosperity and happiness. It has connection with the all the planets in astrology but it has main connection with Jupiter. It gives energy and heat. It also vanish the power of poison. If gold is good then it gives prosperity to person and if it is bad then it creates problems. Do not wear gold for hobby. You have to wear it when you have needed it.

If you have cold, fever and breathe problem then you have to wear it in last finger. You have to wear in middle finger when you have problem of fame, prestige or ruling party. You have to wear in index finger when you have problem of concentration. If you have problem in married life then you can wear locket of gold or gold in throat. People having problem of children they can also wear gold in middle finger.

People who has fat and obesity problem they should avoid wearing gold. Those who gets angry they should avoid wearing gold. If Jupiter is weak in your birth chart then you should avoid gold. A person who does business relating to iron, coal or Saturn relating products they should avoid wearing gold. Pregnant and aged women should avoid gold. It is not bad if you found gold. You can use or donate it into temple.

If you see money in dream then it is the indication of disease. Seeing gold in dream indicates that you will get money after hard work. However if you see ancient gold coins in dream then it is bad dream. If gold is dropped in bad place then you can use it once again as it is the metal of Jupiter. Do not wear gold below the waist as it creates problem in life and prosperity may lose.

You have to wear gold in left hand if it is necessary. You have to donate or gift gold only to your dear friends. Do not wear Bichiya and Payal of gold. Do not wear gold in waist. Children can wear gold’s ghungharu in red thread. Do not intake non-veg and alcohol along with gold.

Normally people keep gold in treasury and lockers. You have to cover it with red paper or red cloth wherever you keep. You have to keep gold on east or south-west side. Do not keep near to your head else you may have problem of sleep. Do not keep artificial jewelry or iron.

People having Aries, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius sign they can wear gold. It is also beneficial to Scorpion’s and Pisces. Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius avoid wearing gold. People having Libra and Capricorn sign they have to avoid wearing gold.

Advice: If you have gout problem then you have to comb after lunch/dinner. You have to comb in such a way that it points touch to hair properly. You have to walk on your feet. Gout problem will vanish in one week.

Good Luck: Do not use incense stick which is made from bass. You have to use the incense stick which is made from wood.

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