How to Worship Lord Hanuman Ji ? - Astro Upay

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Lord Hanuman worships everywhere. Those who worship Hanuman, they never face any problems. Lord Ram and Krishna also take helps form Hanuman. Check how to worship hanumanji to fulfill your wish.

How to Worship Lord Hanuman Ji ? - Astro Upay

Worship Lord Hanuman Ji
If you face difficulty while working then you have to do Hanuman Chalisa in the morning and evening. Before this task you have to take oath that you will do 108 times Hanuman Chalisa by seating in front of Hanuman on Tuesday. By doing this you can get good power and knowledge.

Whenever enemy disturbs you then you can do Bajrang Ban. If you have Mangal dosh in your birth chart then you have to face many problems in life. In this case you have to offer chameli’s oil and Sindoor to Hanuman on first Tuesday of Shukal Paksh.

When you have loss of money then you have to take 11 leafs of pipal (banyan) tree and write Ram with Sindoor on it. You have to flow them on every Tuesday after the sunset. During this activity you have to memorize “Jay Jay Hanuman Ghosai" or “Om Ham Ham Hanumataye Namah”.

If you feel nervous or threat then you can do chant of “Hanumataye Namah”. While doing this you have to offer clove to Hanuman. You have to do this half an hour every day. Whenever you feel threat you have to keep clove with you.

Special Remedy: If you have allergy on skin then take Harade and boil it properly. After that wash that skin.

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