How to Worship Durga Maa to Fulfill your Wish? - Astro Upay

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You have to do fast on Chaitri Navratri. If you have tension regarding your prestige then you have to eat after offering water to the sun. You have also established urn. You have to take copper urn, fill water in it and keep leafs of mango trees and coconut. 

How to Ask Durga Maa to Fulfill your Wish?  - Astro Upay

Durga Maa to Fulfill your Wish
You have to seat in front of this urn and goddess Durga and do chant of “Ae Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichaye” everyday. If you have tension regarding your prestige then you have to avoid iodine. You have to intake it after sunset. You can eat fruit, sugar less tea or coffee.

Person who is facing problem getting education they have to avoid eating food during these nine days. You have to offer white flowers to goddess Durga and Sarswati. You have to do chant of “Om Hrim”. You will get interest to get education. You will do good work after learning them.

You can make Rangoli using flour, turmeric and Sindoor. You have to make it near the worship place in the home. You have to do light after the sunset. When the light is off then you have to remove this Rangoli. On the next day you have to make new Rangoli. 

You can write “Om, Aem, Hrim, Maa, Durga” etc. While preparing this Rangoli you have to chant “Om Du Durgaye Namah” or keep sharing your problems to goddess Durga.

You have to do “Om Du Durgaye Namah” and offer 11 Kamalgata. When you are in trouble you have to keep this in your pocket.

Special Remedy: If you have toothache then takes one glass of water and deep trifla in it. Filter it in the morning and keep it in mouth for 2-3 minutes. You have to do gurgling which gives strength to your gums.

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