How to Avoid Hasty Decision-Making - Astro Upay

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Everyone does hard work and they want to be successful. Emotions and sentiment is different. You have to control on your emotions. A decision creates problems when it takes in hurry.

How to Avoid Hasty Decision-Making - Astro Upay

Avoid Hasty Decision-Making
If your Mars is good but it has no support of Moon then you take decisions quickly. There is difference between quick and impatient decision. Moon creates sentiment in you and if Mars affects you then you will take such decision in anger. 

It creates problems for you. E.g. If you have weak Venus then you might be involved with such women who creates problems for you. If you have weak Jupiter then you might be involved with such men who create problems for you.

If mountain of Moon is upward, such lines go downward and few lines go ahead from thumb to life line or if their hand is small then they have impatience. They take decisions quickly or in sentiment.

You have to make control on yourself getting involved in sentiments. You can do meditation which removes impatience. You can drink water in glass of silver. Take root of Ashwganda and pill of silver, tie it up in grey color thread and wear it on your neck. You can also drink juice of white sandal. It gives peace of mind. You can do worship, meditation and walking in the morning. You can also chant “Om” mantra.

Special Remedy: If you have problems in your skin then boil neem leafs in water and take bath with it.

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