How our Planets Relates to Our Fate - Astro Upay

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Check how our planets affects our luck, fate or our destiny. There some small things you need to check which can affect your fate your luck. here is Astrologer suggesting you something on to improve your fate in astro upay.

How our Planets Relates to Our Fate - Astro Upay

our Planets Relates to Our Fate
There is effect of planets on such incidents which are happening by us. We also behave according in that way. This effect may be good or bad. We can understand by this incidents that which planet how much affects.

Leakage in Ceiling: If leakage occurs in the home suddenly then the position of Saturn is not good. Family members’ health disturbs. There might be possibility of court cases and debt. You have to organize that proper sunlight comes in the home. Your conduct should be good with women. You have to offer light morning and evening at worshiping place.

Ants in food: If there are ants in sweet then it is not that too bad. But if in every food there are ants then it means the Mars is not good. It creates controversy in family. There is conflict between brothers and they might be situation that they will separate. Keep flour wherever you see ants. You have to do chant of Sundarkand on every Tuesday.

Dropping/Crake in Cooking Pot: If cooking pot drops or brake many times in home then your Moon would be weak. The health of women disturb in the home. There might be problem/tension in education and health of children. You have to organize white light in the home. Do not leave any corner without light. Keep in mind that there is no wastage of water in the home. You have to give Aradhya to Moon on Shukal Paksh’s night.

Problems in Electronic items: If there is problem in electronic items then your Rahu would be weak. Negative things would be reduced. You may have loss of money. There might be threat and anxiety in the home. You have to donate mix grain on Saturday. Do not keep unused stuff in the home. You have to light lamp under the plant of Tulsi so that threat and doubt removed.

Advice: To get rid from alcohol, take bottle of alcohol of that person and fill mustard, Kapoor and seal it. You have to flow this bottle on any day during sunset and do not look back.

Good Luck: You have to keep Akshat in silver or Jasat box on full moon day. You will earn money and does not spend on unnecessary items.

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