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Diamond is the important and hard in the nine pearls. It is used because it has beauty as well as price. It is the gemstone of Venus. You will get happiness, beauty and prosperity by wearing it. 

Destiny and Effect of a Diamond on our Planets 

Effects of diamond on our planets
It directly affects married life and blood. Diamond is necessary to get benefit from Venus and increase the glamour.

There might be problem by wearing diamond without getting complete information or taking advice. Do not wear diamond without taking advice and to show off. If you have diabetes and blood disorder then also you have to avoid wearing diamond.

Wearing diamond between the age of 21 and 51 is beneficial. If you have problems in married life and you wear diamond then it may increase.

Diamond gives more benefit if it white. If it has breakage or spot then it gives defamation and accidents. Do not wear Moonga with diamond. It affects the person’s character. You can wear Neelam or Panna.

Diamond is beneficial in the field of Glamour, beauty, fame and prestige. It is also beneficial in love and married life. If diamond gives good effect then you may get benefits in diabetes. Venus gives good result if you wear diamond in thumb or index finger. You may get benefits in love and relations if you wear diamond in the middle finger.

You can wear diamond with Neelam and Panna but do not wear it with Manek, Pokhraj or Moonga. It creates problem. Do not wear diamond more than 1 carat (60 Cent).

Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Saggitarius and Pisces lagan people have to avoid wearing diamond. It creates problems in their life. Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius lagan people would get more benefit if they wear diamond. Cancer lagan people can wear diamond in specific conditions.

Do not wear diamond if you want to make progress in meditation and spiritual field. You can wear diamond if you are in glamour, film and media field. Children have to avoid wearing diamond.

Good Luck: Do not keep animals or stone pictures in the home. You have to do more struggle in life.

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