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Sometimes you do not the reason why you get angry. It may be happens due to bile or gout problem. If you have gout problem then you cannot become good student due to lack of concentration. You may have mood swings and frustration. It also creates mental disorder.

Astro Remedy for Angry Nature - Astro Uncle

Jupiter and Saturn are responsible for gout problem. Due to Mercury your food habits affects and which create gout problem.

Everyone has gout problems. Sometimes we do not know the reason why we get anger, irritation, sneezing and so on. You have to careful in these situations. Child gets pain between throat and head if his Pranvayu is weak. He cannot understand easily.

Take small Harade and keep it in water. Those who flow in water take outside them and grind them. You have to give to the child in morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Children should avoid juicy food. Do not wake up late night. Do not eat late night. You will get benefit by chanting “Om”.

Keep one glass of water in copper glass. You have to drink this water before sunrise in the morning. You have to take your lunch/dinner on proper time.

Do not keep more than 4 hours distance between eating. You have to add black pepper, clove and garlic in your food.

You have to add thyme, black iodine and black peeper in flour. You will get benefit by eating chapatti from this flour.

If mother has gout problem then child also have gout problem. Mother has to eat black pepper and black iodine.

Remedy: When you are working with fire or chemical then you have to grind glass and rammed in pot or you can also rammed outside on Tuesday. You have to do this for 1.5 months.

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