Astro Remedies for Backache Problem - Astro Upay

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Are you have backache problem? Back pain problem is quite increasing now a days because of fast life and some laziness of people. Here is astrology remedies for Backache problem by astro uncle.

Astro Remedies for Backache Problem - Astro Upay

Backache Problem

Backache mostly increase in winter. Backache occurs due to hard work, studying for long hours, shopping and so on. There are two main reasons of backache. First, if Mars is weak then bone would be weak. Second, if Sun is weak then there is scarcity of Vitamin D. You have to seat in front of the Sun.

Backache also occurs due to posture, obesity, long hours driving, sports activities and so on. You have to avoid such food which makes gas in your body. Do not eat cold food. You will get rid of from backache.

You have to do massage of your thumb. Also you have to do massage on your back with the thumb. You have to take care while elevating heavy stuff. Do not take it with jerk. Be careful while sneezing. Boil some coriander in milk. Add poppy in it. When milk becomes dry you have to intake it.
Astro Remedies for Backache Problem

You may get benefit by eating nutmeg with mild hot water. Boil nutmeg in sesame oil and do massage with it. You can do massage with oil on outside of thumb. You can also keep fenugreek (Methi) on it at night. You will get benefit.

Extra Remedy: You can use coconut oil before going in cold water. You can use glycerin before sleeping. You have to drink 3 liters water.

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