Where to Have Garden in Home - Vastu Shastra Tips

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Are you going to buy new home? Are you confused for specific location of Garden in your home then do read this vastu tips of astro upay where to have court in your house and where should not be.

Where to Have Garden in Home - Vastu Shastra Tips

Where to Have Court in Home

Before constructing home we have to confirm that where we have to keep courtyard so that we can get positive energy. Having brahmasthan or courtyard in building can be considered as good. It gives maximum sunlight as well as fresh air.

The meaning of courtyard is to give fresh air and sunlight. In ancient time having home without courtyard considered as bad luck. In present time due to lack of space the middle of home which is courtyard is ignored. If courtyard is not in the home then they cannot get proper air and light. Because of it we do have deficit of vitamin D and bones of our body becomes weak.

You may have disease relating to bones. Women who are busy with household they have maximum chances having this disease as they do not get proper sunlight. That is the main reason why it is necessary to have courtyard in the building.

If courtyard of the building is elevated in the middle and low from four corners then it is considered as good. But if it is low in the middle and elevated from four corners then family have financial loss and conflicts.

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