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Everyone wants that relationship between life partner and family members is sweet. For that husband and wife both make efforts but sometimes small misconceptions create serious problems. 

But sometimes vastu creates conflicts. Here we will show you some tips to change vastu at your home so that you can maintain love in it.

Vastu Tips for Happy Relationship - Astro Upay

Vastu Tips for Happy Relationship
Marriage: Southwest side of home

Husband and wife relation is indicator of good relation. Your bedroom should be in this direction. A person who lives in this direction will rule over the home. Those who are going to marry and those who wish to happy married life they can do following remedies to dynamic.

1. To make dynamic bedroom you can paint it with red or pink color.

2. You can increase the level of light and increase positive energy so that your relation becomes sweet and strong.

3. A person who are facing difficulty getting married they can light 2 candles in this direction. They easily get their life partner.

Family: Side – East; Element - Wood

This direction is related with family members and their relatives. When this direction becomes active relationship becomes strong. You can make it dynamic by doing following remedies.

1. Increase the level of pink or yellow light in east side.

2. You can keep family members’ image or gift on this direction.

3. You can also plant in this direction.

4. This area is also related to health. If someone is ill in the family from long time then you can keep images such as fish in pond, river, lake, and fall. A patient gets immediate result.

Children: Side - West; Element - Metal

The home’s west side is related to children. It is also relates to formative and creative works. This area is also useful to decoration. You can make it dynamic by doing following remedies.

1. You can make this area dynamic by keeping children’s image or their clothes.

2. This area also gives good results if you keep crystal bowl.

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