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To know someone’s character the best remedy is to study the palm. Only by checking palm one can know everything. In astrology many disciplines has been invented out of them study of palmistry is one discipline. It is difficult to study palm’s line but you can know many things by seeing palm’s color.

Prediction Based on Color of Palm (Palmistry) - Astro Upay

Prediction Based on Color of Palm
Palm’s Color: Everyone’s palm color is different. One’s palm is red or pink or someone’s may be yellow. Someone has beige color’s palm or may be white color.

By line, texture and length of palm person’s past, present and future can be known.

Pink Palm (Hand)

Dark Pink: One who has dark pink palm they get royal happiness. They become angry if they do not get small things. They also become happy easily. Their thoughts may change. They can say it right for now and it converts into wrong when time comes.

Light Pink: One who has light pink palm they have good nature and thoughts. They get respect in society due to their qualities. They complete each work with patience and peace. They live happy in every situation.

White Palm (hand)

Light White: Light white means in which there is no shining. There is no texture and it looks dull. One who has this type of palm they are not enthusiastic. They do not have enthusiasm in any work. They like to leave alone. They do not take interest in any party or functions. They do not like to work so that they do not get mercy of goddess Mahalaxmi. They have shortage of money. They have many problems in their life.

Bright White: One who has white and bright color palm they are religious people. They are the owner of amazing power. They complete each work with immersion and enthusiasm. They are peaceful person.

Yellow Palm (hand)

It is not good having yellow palm. It is the sign of weakness. They may have many diseases. They attracts easily on opposite sex. If such woman has yellow palm then she attracts easily towards man and if such man has yellow palm then he attracts easily towards woman.

They have to take care of their health. They may become ill if they do not take care of their food habits.

Red Palm (hand)

People who has red, shining and smooth palm they get special mercy of Mahalaxmi. They get every happiness in their life.

According to palmistry red color’s palm is very lucky. They get respect in the society. They work on high positions. They do not get physical hard work.

They are sensitive and angry. They may become angry in small topic. Also their thoughts do not remain stable.

Muddy Color

People who has muddy color palm they spend their life in poverty. They become depressed due to shortage of money. They does not satisfy their needs even if hard work. Sometimes they lie. They have to take care of their health.

Spots on Palm

People who have spots on their palms they become addicted of alcohol. They may have shortage of basic happiness.

Keep in mind that to know about future, it is necessary to study both palms. After that you can predict such things.

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