How to Predict Personality of Women by Nails - Astro Upay

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We will discuss on nails of women in palmist iconography. Nails not only describe beauty but also their personality. Palmist iconography is the important part of Indian astrology.

How to Predict Personality of Women by Nails - Astro Upay

Predict Personality of Women by Nails
You can know about person’s personality based on different body parts. You can know about women by their nails. Astrologer tells you about women by their nails.

Red Nails (नाखून लाल हों)
Women whose nails are red they are physically fit, beautiful, rich and lucky. They take care of their in laws and their married life would be happy.

Yellow Nails (नाखून पीले रंग के)

Women whose nails are yellow they give less birth child. They have less blood, jaundice and headache. They become irritate so that they have problems in their married life.

White or black spots on nails (नाखूनों पर सफेद व काले रंग के धब्बे)
If there are white or black spots on nails of such women then they quarrel with their husband. They have sharp mind but they use in negative way. They do not give respect to their in laws.

Normal red color (सामान्य लाल रंग के)
Women whose nails have normal red color and beautiful they get all basic happiness. Their husband has good position and statesman. Due to high qualification they also get good position.

Rough nails (नाखून खुरदरे )
Women whose nails are rough they are angry, fast-paced, clever, likes to talks more and criminal mind. Their husband would have understanding and generous. Due to straight conduct they have more enemies. They do most work in hurry so that they have to get loss.

Short Nail (छोटे नाखून)
Women who have short nails they do not have patience. They become excited easily and narrow minded. They are sensitive and find faults from others. They may have heart disease and vein problems.

Extremely Short Nails  (जरूरत से ज्‍यादा छोटे नाखून)

Women whose nails are extremely short they trust others easily. They try to dominate their husband.

Large Nail (लंबे नाखून)

Women who have large nails they are serious in nature. They work according to planning. They get success in their field.

Short and Flat Nail (छोटे लेकिन फ्लैट नाखून)
Women who has short and flat nails they might have heart problems. They die with heart disease. They become angry easily.

Short and Heavy Nail (छोटे लेकिन भारी नाखून)

If women have short and heavy nails then they cannot accept their mistakes. They always blame other for their mistakes. They like to find others fault.

Broad and Square Nail (चौड़े व वर्गाकार नाखून)

Women who have broad and square nails they have clean heart. They do not hurt anyone. They love everyone.

More in Width and Short in Length Nail (अधिक चौड़े और छोटे नाखून )

Women who have more width and short nail they get success in future. They take more interest n music. They also get depressed.

Long and Thin Nail (लंबे और पत्‍ले नाखून)

Women who have long and thin nail they have weak heart. They become ill easily. They do not have confidence on their own.

Long and Slightly Bent Nail (लंबे और हल्‍के झुके नाखून  )

Women who have long and slightly bent nail they always remain happy. They think sharply and take more interest in men.

Narrow Nail (पतले नाखून)
Women who have narrow nails their digestion system is weak. They become ill and hear is also weak.

Swollen and Projected Nail (फूले हुए और उठे हुए नाखून)
Women who have swollen and projected nails they become angry and convince easily. They get influence easily.

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