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Who does not want to be millionaire in the world? This word attracts everyone towards it. Everyone including children wants that they live life like millionaire. That is the reason why even child studying in nursery also wants to be millionaire.

Money Mantra Tips to Become Millionaire - Astro Upay

Money Mantra Tips to Become Millionaire

What to do to become millionaire? You have to ask this question to yourself.

Do you love money?

Ask yourself that your approach is towards money? Do you really love money and want to earn lot of money? Are you thinking about money many times? Earning money is an art.

Why we are unable to earn money?

Astrology describes how person attracts towards money. It does not describe main things but it also shows how financial condition can be improved. You can also know whether you get profit or loss of money.

What is the effect of Jupiter on own?

Jupiter is responsible in prosperity. Those whose Jupiter is strong they do not have shortage of money. It makes person wealthy. If it is weak then person have shortage of money. When sign and stars affect Jupiter then your luck is change. You can know when you will get money. At the same way there is also a chart of money. You can know about the source of money with that move.

Is it the act?

If you get money in any matter then it is the fruit of your act. If your planets does not support to your act then you may have financial loss. You can earn money by investing, gambling, betting but it does not stay for a long time. But if you earn money by good and hard work and it does not save due to bad effects of such planets or Kalsarp yoga then it might create problem. It is generally happened due to Mars, Sun and Saturn.

The eleventh place should be stronger compared to twelfth place in your birth chart. Twelfth place is the owner of expenses. If it is strong then even though having good income you cannot save money.

Some Vedic remedies

According to astrology you can attract money by doing Laxmi Poojan, Laxmi-Kuber Poojan, Satyanarayan Poojan and Laxmi-Gayatri Poojan.

The energy in home changes by the special fire during Poojan or Yagna and some special mantra. That fire will remove your problems and increase the prosperity in your life.

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