Check How Legs of Men Defines Personality - Astro Upay

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Palmist iconography is the important part of Indian astrology. You can check body parts based on that and know about the person’s personality. How one can know by seeing man’s Legs. 

Check How Legs of Men Defines Personality - Astro Upay

Check How Legs of Men Defines Personality

Astrologer tells you about this.

Surpakaro Viruksho Vakro Pado Shilalako
Shansuko Panduranvo Niswsya Virlaluli
Aswedito Mrudutalo Kamlodarshannibho
Shistaguli Tamrnkho Padavushne Shirojijto
Kurmonanto Gudgulfo Suprashni Nrupate Samruto

सूर्पाकारौ विरूक्षौ च वक्रो पादौ शिलालकौ
संशुष्कौ पाण्डुरनवौ निःस्वस्य विरलालुली।।
अस्वेदितौ मृदुतलौ कमलोदरसन्निभौ।
शिश्टांगुली ताम्रनखौ पदावुष्णै शिरोज्झितौ।
कूर्मोन्नतौ गूढ़गुल्फौ सुपाष्र्णी नृपतेः समृतौ।।

1. Men whose legs are rough, crooked, venous, dried, yellow nails, fingers cross they spend their life in financial deprivation. They get happiness by their son.

2. Men whose legs are sweat free, fingers adjoined, red nails, hot legs and beautiful ankle they spent their life like king. They get high position or statesman. They become kuldeepak for their family. Their best quality is time management.

3. Men whose legs are long-broad they are physically strong but their mental level is not good. They can do hard work under someone’s guidance.

4. Men whose legs are small they are playful, opportunist and not trustworthy. They give importance to work not relations. They are very greedy about money.

5. Men whose legs are medium and symmetric they are rich, artist and socialist. They get everything on their time. They are very efficient in their work. Their sasural side is also strong.

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