How Tongue Tells Personality of Women - Astro Upay

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We will take you to the next level of palmist iconography. You can know about women by their tongue. Read Astrologer will tell you about women’s personality by their tongue.

How Tongue Tells Personality of Women - Astro Upay

How Tongue Tells Personality of Women
Why tongue is important? You can get the answer from this palmist astrology. It is not only helping us to know the taste but also give us voice. If your speech is good then your hear is clean and if it is harsh then hear would be rigid. On this base one’s personality can know.

Thick tongue (मोटी जीभ )

Women whose tongue is thick they are angry, quarrelsome and grumpy. They generally rule on their home.

Long tongue (जीभ आवश्यकता से अधिक लम्बी )

Women who have long tongue they are wise, love their husband and gives birth the best child. They may have problems relating to muscles. Their thoughts would be very good.

Nagin sign on tongue (जीभ पर नागिन का चिन्ह)

Women who have nagin tongue they may be harmful for their husband and father-in-law. They cannot control on their expenses.

Tongue on lips (जीभ को बार-बार होंठो पर घुमाये)

A woman who moves their tongue on their lips they make controls on their husband also they does not serve their family. They cannot work under the control. They always remain different due to their independent thoughts.

Whiteness on tongue (जीभ पर सफेदी बनी रहे)

Women who have whiteness on tongue they remain always remain first in love and also they love their husband. They may have breathed problems. They become active in social activity.

Reddish tongue (जीभ का रंग हमेशा लाल)

Women who have reddish tongue they have good health. However they have fear from fire so that they have to remain careful.

Small tongue (जीभ छोटी हो)

Women who have small tongue then they speak less and remain calm. They cannot oppose someone easily.

Aerodynamic shape tongue (जीभ आगे से नुकीली हो )

Women who have aerodynamic shape tongue then they are very clever and explicit. They can easily make conspiracy and oppose someone.

Curvical tongue (जीभ आगे से गोलाकार हो)

Women who have curvical tongue then they have soft heart and they never do treachery.

Thin tongue (जीभ बहुत पतली हो)

Women who have thin tongue they speak too much. But their heart would be clean. They are straight and never hurt someone easily.

So, you can now predict the Personality of women by their tongue only. if you need more astro upay, you can keep visiting our blog, we provide daily dose of astro upay. Thanks for reading.

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