FIFA World Cup 2014: Astro Predictions : Who Will Win World Cup?

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Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil is started already and Astroupay is here to give you prediction for fifa world cup 2014, who will win the world cup this year. Last year we had paul octopus who given almost clear prediction for the fifa world cup 2010, but this year we don't have anythings such, so lets try astrology for fifal world cup prediction.

FIFA World Cup 2014: Astro Predictions : Who Will Win World Cup?

FIFA World Cup 2014: Astro Predictions
Soccer, Futbol, Futebol or football, every four year, the worlds most popular game's biggest tournament came to steal your heart. This year, as mentioned above, fifa world cup is organized in barzil. And Un doubtadly, brazil is hot favorite to win this tournament, but other team like Germany, spain, argentina, england and netharland also hot favorite to win this tournament. Lets, check astro and stars of each team for wining this tournament, whos favoring most.

As you know, right now Jupiter is in cancer. For any astro prediction, the main aim is on Jupiter because Jupiter is called god of fortune,So, we are checking the position of Jupiter here. As Jupiter is in cancer, it gives clear sign of success, optimism and it is also associated with sports. In past worldcup’s also, Jupiter played major role in success of football worldcup.
Jupiter was in the cardinal sign of Cancer during these World Cups:

1954: Winner: West Germany, runner up – Hungary

1966: Winner: England, runner up – West Germany

1978: Winner: Argentina, runner up – Netherlands. Brazil came third.

1990: Winner: West Germany, runner up – Argentina. In this World Cup, England achieved fourth place.

2002: Winner: Brazil, runner up – Germany.

In order of past winning appearance then, here’s a look at those successful contenders:

Germany – Prediction for fifa world cup win for Germany

For germany, since beginning, astro signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are well represented them. The current German national horoscope – July 1st, 1990, gives us a Cancerian country, with its Jupiter in Cancer, Moon in Libra, Mars in sporting Aries, and three planets in cautious Capricorn. Jupiter and Mars in Cancer and Libra certainly energise Germany’s horoscope this summer. They many give good comeback in last stage of the game.

Brazil : Astro Prediction for Fifa world cup win for brazil

Brazil, the most hot favorite team of fifa world cup who is hosting the game is having the most edge in this tournament. Brazil a Libran nation, having mercury in libra, mars is going in aries, moon in leo. Quick thinking action, versatility, flashes of anger, noise and clever tricks – it looks like a lot of heat and excitement for Brazil in the days leading up to the World Cup Final.  Of course they want to win, and with a home crowd behind them, and some exciting planetary support, July’s potent Super Moon could rise over a passionate footballing nation on its way to victory.

England – Astro Prediction for Fifa world cup win for England

England’s horoscope almost same as germany as they have various horoscopes. England’s most successful years in fifa world cup was 1966 and 1990, in both of these years, Jupiter was in cancer and this year again, the situation is almost same. But same situation was also arising in 1954, 1978 and 2002, were the luck was not with them and they couldn’t make it to grand finale.

Argentina – Astro Prediction for Fifa world cup win for Argentina

As you know Argentina is cancerian country with Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and Moon in Capricorn. The Sun, representing Argentina’s captain, and its team spirit, is well-supported by Saturn. Argentina is more than determined to get to the final, Argentina may be effective enough to dance all the way. 

Spain – Astro Prediction for fifa world cup win for spain

The defending champions of fifa world cup’10. Jupiter in Cancer supports Spain’s Sun and Mercury, which are in compatible water sign, Scorpio. From 12th to 27th June, Mars in Libra heats up Spain’s horoscope. Recklessness, arguments about the rules, and sudden surprises or even reversals make for exciting sport, but mean Spain can take nothing for granted.  It promises to be a tough journey for espaina. Spain supporters, braise yourself.

For all other major teams, will add prediction for them in later on this page. Keep visiting for daily does of astro prediction and astro remedies, Thank you.

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