How Your Favorite Fruit Tells About Your Nature - Fruit Astrology

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Your favorite fruit says about your personality. Yes, it is true that you can know about your nature by fruits. It is called as fruit astrology. Keep this in mind that it is fruit astrology not only says about your nature and personality but also it makes your life better. Here, we will show your personality by the fruits. Now, you will decide which fruit you like.

How Your Favorite Fruit Tells About Your Nature - Fruit Astrology

Fruit Astrology
Apple: If you like apples then you are exceptional, active and outspoken. You can take decisions in any situations. You would like to know about world’s any activity. You like leadership. You do not like work under controlling. You get angry easily however you easily calm down. You can do anything to get your love or to make it better. You are lucky person. You can get true love.

Banana: If you like bananas then you are soft person. You are peaceful, lovable and helpful person. You work with patience in problems. People like you. You can adjust with atmosphere and conditions. You attract people by your happy nature. You play every relation expressively so that your love life is long life.

Grapes: If you like grapes then you are angry person. You get angry but for while. You like every moment of life with joy. People like you. You do not have anger for anyone. You like beauty and so that you attracts towards it. Boys who like grapes they have more friends in girls and girls who like grapes they have more male friends. They are hard working people and they improve their life as well.

Cherry: If you like cherries then you are imaginative, creative, loyal and an honest person. They have to see very ups and downs in their life. They get things with hard work but it stays for life time with them.

Coconut: If you like coconuts then you are imaginative, active, thoughtful, clever, accommodating, funny and sometimes stubborn. They are sensitive regarding love but they are intelligent. They are hard working. They make progress on that.

Mango: If you like mangoes then your parents like you. You are clear with your likes and dislikes. They cannot easily affect. They have good sense of logic. They take life as a challenge and so they get success. They are very luck in love matters. They are accommodating and helpful.

Orange: If you like oranges then you have good patience. You are shy, trustworthy, hard working and beautiful. You want everything on your hard work. You do not like conflicts and believes in love.

Papaya: If you like papayas then you are generous, fearless and have good logic. You like to make people happy. You have good logic power so that you get good position.

Pineapple: If you like pineapple then you are brave, self-confident and an honest person. You are playful by nature. Your mind is not stable with things so you change your jobs frequently. You are very honest in love. But you easily attracts towards opposite sex.

If you want to know about the nature of any one of your friend or family member then you can check it by their favorite fruit by fruit astrology. for more astro upay you can keep visiting us, provides daily dose of astrology prediction and astro upay.

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