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Ashoka tree is very popular and beneficial in Hindu society. Ashoka means no mourning. There is no mourning and disturbance takes place where ashoka tree plant. The leafs of ashoka tree used in auspicious and religious work. 

Astrology Use of Ashoka Tree - Health Benefits - Astro Upay

Astrology Use of Ashoka Tree
This tree has natural power. Every work will finish where this tree has been planted. That is the main reason why ashoka tree is relevant in Indian society. Now we will tell you the different remedy of ashoka tree. You can get maximum benefit by using them.

1. Take root of ashoka tree in auspicious tree. Clean it with water or Gangajal. You have to chant 108 times with Durga mantra at your worship place. You have to tie up this root in red cloth or red thread and wear it on body. You will get early success. You can also keep this root in your pillow so that your love increases in married life.

2. If you offer water every day to ashoka tree those house gets blessing of Goddess Bhagwati. That house has less disease, mourning, conflicts, and disturbance. Person who offers water regularly he has get blessing of goddess Laxmi. Negative energy cannot enter into the home if you offer lamp adding ghee and Kapoor on every Friday to ashoka tree.

Health benefits Ashoka Tree

1. With Ashoka Tree, you can use ashoka leaf for Anti-bacterial properties like fever, cold and infections.

2. you can also use Ashoka Tree for Menorrhagia Ayurveda has been using ashoka for menorrhagia traditionally.

3. Rheumatic arthritis: The methanol extracts from ashoka showed positive results against rheumatic arthirits.

4. Haemorrhoids: Ashoka bark has been traditionally used as a remedy for internal haemorrhoids.

5. Dysmenorrhoea: It is also recommended against dysmenorrhoea. you can use Ashoka tree for Dysmenorrhoea.

6. Ashokarista is very effective medicine for women hormonal problems in month.

There are many more benefits of Ashoka tree. There are many traditional benefits of Ashoka tree like we use them on festivals like akshaya tritya or diwali and many more festivals. 

We put mala of ashoka leaf on our door steps. More benefits and importance are already described above. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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