Astrology Effects of Mangal Grah in Kundli - Astro Upay

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Today when boy or girl will decide to marry they check whether they have mangal or not. According to astrology if he is mangali then he should marry with mangali. There are perceptions behind that.

Astrology Effects of Mangal Grah in Kundli - Astro Upay

Astrology Effects of Mangal Grah in Kundli - Astro Upay

Do you know for whom mangali words used? Why girl or boy becomes mangali? What are the effects of mangali? If you do not know the answers then let us know about it.

Mangali are affected by Mars

According to astrology mangali people have special effects of mars. If Mars is good then people becomes rich. Mangali people expect some special things in with their partners which can be satisfied by mangali. That is the reason why mangali people marry only with mangali people.

Who are mangali?

There are many dosh in birth chart out of which one is mangal dosh. One whose birth chart has this he is known as mangali. If person’s 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 place has mars then he becomes mangali.

They are angry due to the effects of mars. According to astrology mangali should be marry with mangali. If mars is weak then there may be loss in field. People who are working in property they need special mercy of mars.

No one can get success without mercy of mars. Person affected by mars does every work with dedication and it completes well.

Every planet have special place in our body. According to astrology mars lives in our blood.

Special talks on mangali people:

Mangali person completes his work with responsibility and on time. They complete their toughest work on time. They have leadership quality from congenital.

They cannot interact with people easily but when they meet they maintain it. They are angry in nature due to high ambition. But they are kind, sorry to and humanitarian. They do not want to bow down against wrong and they also do not do wrong thing.

They get high position, businessman, lawyer, politician, doctor, and engineer. They are more sensitive for opposite sex and they also expect something special from them. That is the reason why mangali people marry with mangali.

Mars is commander of planets

According to astrology there are nine planets which decide our life. The happiness and sorrow which we get is based on these nine planets. Mars is the commander of nine planets. Mangal dosh is related with mars. Mangal dosh makes person mangali.

Mars is sin planet

Mars considered as sin planet. Mars considered as disciplined, proud, and harsh. Normally stiffness gives sorrow. Due to stiffness it is considered as sin planet. Mars is son of land and devotee of mother. It gives good fruits who respect their mother. It gives very bad result who does wrong work.

Effects of Mars on your life

Birth chart which is affected by mars considered as bad. Person whose mars is weak it creates problems. They may have blood disorder. They get sorrow from their child, have problems in married life. They do not have courage and have stress.

If one has weak mars then he has too much problems in life. Mars gives excited nature and person does every work in excitement and so he gets failure.

Importance of mars in astrology: In astrology mars is responsible for cases, debts, conflicts, stomach problems, anger, land, building, house and mother. It gives love, courage, tolerance, patience, strength in difficult situations and power against difficulties.

Remedy for peace of mars: Praise the lord Shiva. Wear coral. Donate copper, gold, wheat, red clothes, red sandal, red flower, saffron, kastoori, red bull, lentil, land etc.

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