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Astrology Benefit Of Butea Flower (Palash). Different trees have importance in India. They affect our physical and mental part. In these trees butea is also considered important tree. It is used in religious work. It is belief that lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh lives in that. It is also used to give peace to planets. It is useful to solve our different problems.

Astrology Benefit Of Butea Flower (Palash) - Astro Upay

Butea Flower
1. One who works hard and does not get success in business and increase his debt then he has to take root of butea on first Friday of Shukal Paksh. Clean it with water. Also clean one place with Gangajal or Gaumutra and keep one stand and red cloth on it.

Take 7 different grains and make one agglomerate. Keep root of butea on it and light a lamp. Do 3-4 rosary of goddess Laxmi’s any mantra. After that tie this root in red cloth and keep it in your treasury. Your financial problems will be resolved by worship of goddess Laxmi.

2. Take root of butea in auspicious time on Sunday. You have to tie on you right shoulder in cotton thread so that your problems will removed.

3. Those who want baby boy they can do this remedy. Take one leaf of butea, 250gm milk and boil it. It should be drink by the mother before pregnancy until 2 months of pregnancy to get boy as a child. Leaf should be removed after boiling it. Only milk can be drunk.

Astrological remedy: Astro Use of Butea Flower

Butea Flower
1. Those whose Sun is weak and gives bad results they can do Havan with wood of butea or blessed the wood in silver locket and wear in throat.

2. Take butea flowers, rose flowers or jasmine flowers and leaf of Tulsi, keep it in water by which you take bath. It would remove the effects of nine planets. You have to do this remedy for 42 days.

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