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This is another article in our Learn Astrology series, where are going to talk about the Features of Lal kitab. Read the features of Lal Kitab here.

Features of Lal Kitab Astrology - Astro Upay

Features of Lal Kitab Astrology
There are some special features of lal Kitab. In this lore worlds every live and dead things discussed according to planets. Every worldly stuff relates with any planet and also affects the planets. It means planet affects the person’s life.

Such things also affect same as planets. Saffron is related to Jupiter so if you use it Jupiter becomes strong. By the same way you can use the related things to give strength to the planets.

In astrology it is belief that planets effect is fixing and there is no change or difference in it. But according to lal Kitab if planet affects you then you can do such remedy and get benefits. The third important thing is this feature is based on fruit of work.

Mars shows how a person’s relation is between his brother? Because if the relation is good then it gives good benefits and if the relation is bad then it gives bad results. In this book, remedy for bad planets, their bad effects, conduct is given which are very beneficial. Because these are very easy and one can do easily. The remedies are easy but it has complications. If they are done with faith and trust then you can get good results.

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