How Honey can make you Healthy - Astro Unle

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There are some importance and benefits of Honey for your health and astrological way too. So, here is the some benefits of Honey from astro uncle which you can apply in your day to day basis.

How Honey can make you Healthy - Astro Unle

How Honey can make you Healthy - Astro Unle
Honey helps to keeping body in a fit position. It gives strength to Jupiter and Sun. It is also helpful to stomach and liver. You can increase and decrease the fat by honey. 
There is potassium and iron in honey. Both gives power and removes germs from the body. Honey has Vitamin A, B, B12, glucose. It has almost every vitamin which is vital to the body. They give strength to the body. If you are thin then you can add honey into the milk which increase the power and fat into the body. Never boil the honey. 
If you are fat then you should add honey in water by which fat decrease. You have to intake honey in the early morning or after 3 hours of lunch/dinner. You will get benefit. 
You can intake honey adding in milk in any season. It removes the cough congestion. You can also intake honey adding in onion’s juice which increase the memory power and also give strength to the body. 
You can also intake honey when you have too much cold and fat. You can intake honey adding in mild hot water which helps you. However if you have constipation problem then you should avoid this remedy. 
You can also intake honey adding with lemon juice. You can know the purity of honey by keeping in bowl in open place. If honeybee set on it and it is not stick to it then honey would be pure. You can also check its purity by adding in water. It cannot draw. 
There are different types of honeybees which can be from Neem tree or banyan tree. 
Remedy for Hichki: If you have hichki problem then you can drink water. You have to drink water by stopping the breathe. You will get benefit.

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