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Giving donation to someone in regard of regret is valid. Donation means economical stability. Main aim of donation is to increase the level of poor. The meaning of donation is to give relief from debt. The one which you take from society you should give back to the society. Janiye kaise galat dan karne se maha nukasan ho sakta hai, astro uncle se.

How Making Wrong Donation will Cause you - Astro Upay

How Making Wrong Donation will Cause you - Astro Upay

Donation decreases the negative energy of body. You should donate such things of planets which gives you negative energy. You have to avoid such donation which gives positive energy to the planets. You should donate those who have negative energy and have tension. You should touch or peel off things which are going to donate then only you can get benefit. Donation does not mean that you donate only money. There must be mineral, vegetables, clothes and food. Even you can also donate basic things. The best donation is knowledge. One can also donate work. The donation of land is also important.

Normal donation can be done on such occasion or when someone needs them. Other donation can be done when such planets affects. Donation of planets can be done on special time, specific things and by such in order. Donation and gifts are different. We can gift such things those who are capable and donate such things that are incapable. You should give donation those who really need it. Everyone should not accept donation. Capable society or person should not accept donation. Person who are incapable they might have hesitation to accept donation.

If Sun is of Aries or Leo sign then one should not donate wheat and jaggary. They have to donate tree of Bail or Sweatark. If Moon is in Taurus or Cancer then one should not donate milk, rice, silver, pearl and juicy fruits. If Mars is in Aries and in Scorpio then one should not donate dust, land, sweets and red lentil. If Mercury is in Gemini and in Virgo then you should not donate locker, lentil, flowers, browse, green clothe and pots. If Jupiter is in Cancer and Sagittarius sign then one should not donate gold, books and corn flour. If Venus is in Taurus, Libra or in Pisces sign then do not donate white clothes, stitch clothes, silky clothes, sugar, batashe and paneer. Husband whose Venus is in these types of conditions they should not tell their wife or servant to go for work at others home. They have to avoid donating ghee. If Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius sign then one should not donate liquor, meat, tobacco, black clothes, iron things, lentil and oil.
One can donate copper, red flower, red clothes, money plant, wheat and jaggary for Sun. it should be donate to old age people and children’s on Sunday. To give strength to the Moon you can donate rice, milk, pearl, silver, mishri and white clothes to old woman or nephew or his/her friend or cow on Monday. If Mars is weak then you can donate locker, sesame, jaggary, copper, ghee, red clothes, red flower or sandal on Tuesday to cow or such worker. If Mercury is weak then you can donate locker, lentil, vegetables, sugar, green clothes, trees and plants, oil and Panna on Wednesday. This should be donating to employees of sister-in-law home, cow and children. If Jupiter is weak then you can donate lentil, gold, pukhraj, iodine, turmeric, jaggary, besan ke laddu, books and cow to pundit, cow, old age people or children on Thursday. If Venus is weak then you can donate curd, ghee, pearl, silver, sugar, white sweet, white clothes or kanyadan to old age people, employees from paternal home, pundit, cow and crows on Friday. If Saturn is weak then you can donate locker, lentil, iron, oil, itra, horse or any other animal, blankets, chapatti and money to dogs, workers, handicapped, poor people and Leucoderma on Saturday. If Rahu is weak then you should donate mustard, neelam, vegetables, blankets, blue and black clothes, sandal, itra to poor or a person who needs these things on Saturday. If Ketu is weak then you should donate sesame, chapatti without ghee, Satnaga, dogs, ginger, silver and milk to dogs, cats or poor person on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

If you have problem of prestige, debt, blood pressure, eyes and have problem to father then you should donate Sun. if mother, mind, prestige and concentrate decrease after achieving, people ignores you, have problem in eyes then you should donate Moon. If there is problem in health, bone, anger, land, house, marriage then you should donate Mars. If you have loss in memory, more anger, problem in speech, debt, loss in shares then you should donate Mercury. If you get loss in education, problem with child or in marriage, stomach problem, scarcity of an idol then you should donate Jupiter. If you have problem with mother or home, discomfort, ignorance from neighbor then you should donate Venus. If you have pain in body, debt, problems, your house would be sold then you should donate Saturn. If you get ignorance, make fun of yours, debt, have problems from servants and does not identify the disease then you should donate Rahu. If you have mental problem, relation broken, loss of money then you have to donate Ketu.

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