Property Yog from Kundli - Jamin Jaydad Ke Yog - Astro Uncle

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Everyone wants Property, own house, land, bunglows, cars and much more. But for that certain things should be corrected in your horoscope, check how to get property yog from horoscope from astro uncle. Jamin jaydad ke yog ke barein main astro uncle se janiye.

Property Yog from Kundli - Jamin Jaydad Ke Yog - Astro Uncle

Property Yog from Kundli - Jamin Jaydad Ke Yog - Astro Uncle
One should invest some money on the name of children to buy land and property. If fourth, fifth and eighth place is strong in birth chart then child can make property.

If Mars is not upward under the thumb part, it has no spots or breaking lines or Mars has no spots, red spots under the heart line then child can get comfort of property.

If luck line goes ahead along with life line then child can make property by getting support of their parents. If you find this type of indication on child’s hand then you should buy such property on the name of your children.

If luck line is neither breaking nor has spots between mind line and heart line then you can pay the debt. If luck line is come through without breaking or it is broad and it is not breaking on so many places then you can pay your loans or debt.

If luck line moves toward Jupiter then you can take loans and also you can pay the debts. If luck line is more upward then Mountain of Saturn then does not take loans. If it is similar to Mountain of Saturn then you can take loan as you can pay that debt.

You should take some measure to give strength to Mars, Saturn, Main planet and luck planet. If Mars is weak and you find difficulties to buy property then you can wear Firoja in silver. You should wear this in neck on Thursday or Friday.

You can also do “Om Am Angarkay Namah” or “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”. You should also check the position of Rahu in birth chart while buying property.

To get peace from Rahu you can donate coconut to Bhairavbaba, Shanidev, Durga or Deity on Saturday.

You should make registration of the property on “Sarwarth Siddh Yoga” and avoid Rahu Kal. If your Mars, Saturn and Rahu are weak then do not buy property on Tuesday and Saturday. You should buy property on Monday and Thursday.

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