Gudi Padwa 2016 - Puja Vidhi - Benefits and Regional view on Gudi Padwa

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Marathi new year starts from Gudi padwa each year and for the year 2016, Gudi padwa is on date 8th April 2016. All the Marathi from India, especially from Maharashtra and Karnataka and goa celebrate new year on gudi padwa day. According to Brahma Purana, it is believed that Lord Brahma created the entire Universe on this day after deluge. The time also started ticking from this day only.

Gudi Padwa 2016 - Puja Vidhi - Benefits and Regional view on Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa
As you know, Gudi padwa have their own importance and traditional belief too. If you want to know about gudi padwa then you will get to know more here. The history of gudi padwa lies in the lunar calendar only. As you know lunar calendar has their own sub categories in which one of the lunar calendar begins from purnima and ends on purnima only. While another lunar calendar which start on amavasya and ends on amavasya only. So, the calendar which starts and ends on purnima is known as poornimant calendar and this poornimant calendar is mostly used in north india. While the calendar which starts and ends at amavasya is called amavasyant which is used in Maharashtra and other regions around it. And the reason Gudi padwa lies on amavasyant calendar.

And in 2016, the Marathi amavasyant calendar is starting from vijaya nama samvatsar. The first month of Marathi calendar is chaitra and the chaitra navratri also starting from same day. And as always gudi padwa is celebrated on first day of chaitra month of hindu calendar. The only event of gudi padwa is the flag hosting (gudi) on front of home, and from this gudi, the festival gudi padwa is named.

Gudi Padwa Celebration

Gudi Padwa Celebration
The festival of gudi padwa is spiritual, you should be in fresh and happy mood to celebrate gudi padwa. The days start with the tasting leaves of Indian Lilac (Neem). Like in small towns of india and middle class family do rangoli on their home with different colors, as colors are the best way to show your feelings. The food items like shrikhand and poori is too famous In parts of maharshtra.

How to do Gudi Padwa Puja

The celebration and pooja start at early morning where you need to finish the regular activities in morning and then do rangoli on grounds (if you can). In rangoli, you can use the mix of haldi and kumkum and made swastika in middle of rangoli. Then you tie toran at the door of your home. Home diya’s are being lighted, god is worshipped and the sweet dish and Prasad is being kept at the feet of god. The New Year Panchang is bought on the day of Gudi Padwa and is placed at the feet of home’s deity.

What are Benefits of Gudi Padwa Puja

What are Benefits of Gudi Padwa Puja
There are multiple benefits of gudi padwa puja like, it is most virtuous day to start new ventures. If you want to buy new home, car, bike, gold or anything or you want to start any new work, then this is the best day, you don’t need to see murhat for this day, as whole day of gudi padwa is auspicious. Indian farmer's also start  ploughing in their farms from this day to grow more fruits and vegetables.

I wish happy new year to all marathi readers and god bless you all with good health and lots of happiness, Ram ram!

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