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Rajayog means happiness, property and respect. If Rajayog is strong then person get splendor in less efforts and if it weak then person have to work hard to get splendor. If Rajayog is strong then splendor also becomes strong and vice versa.

Do you have Rajayog?- Check yourself - Astro Uncle ke Upay

 Do you have Rajayog?- Check yourself - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Person achieve splendor when his Rajyog starts at his decided age. The age of Rajyog decided by the planets. The continues Rajyog remains the whole life. Rajyog becomes with the strong source of Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Moon. If the Rajyog remains continuous then person live like king. Rajyog does not mean you save from the work but it achieves when you get success. If you get success after struggle and hard work then also it is Rajyog. It does not mean that due to Rajyog you get success in all the field. You might get more or less success in such fields. Weak Rajyog can be making strong.

Rajyog cannot become steady unless you give strength to Laxmiyog and Vishnuyog. If you get money you should donate such money in relevant work then only Rajyog remains steady. If one spent money in wrong way then Rajyog decrease. If one has Pitrudosh, Matrurun, Swarun, Stridosh then Rajyog cannot last. One should not think Rajyog in negative way and try to make it strong.

The combination of ninth and tenth place of birth chart makes the Rajyog like king. Due to combination of Sun, Moon and Jupiter in ninth and tenth place person get Rajyog. Rajyog becomes with bright Sun, Moon and Jupiter. One has very less opportunity to have this type of Rajyog. Rajyog does not mean person becomes king. Person gets happiness, prosperity and success. If such yoga is stronger which affects Rajyog then one cannot get fruits of Rajyog. When Rahu, Ketu and Saturn affects ninth and fifth place then one cannot get Rajyog. Person gets happiness, money, and respect after hard work and struggle. If Rajyog is continuous then person get splendor from childhood else they get it on its time. Rajyog achieve when Sun has its effect of 25th and 26th year. If Moon makes Rajyog then it gives happiness and prosperity at the age of 24. While Mars gives Rajyog at the age of 27 and 34. Mercury gives Rajyog between the age of 30 to 32 and Jupiter gives at the age of 16. Venus gives Rajyog at the age of 21 and 22. Saturn gives Rajyog at the age of 36 and 40. Rahu gives Rajyog at the age of 48 and 52 while Ketu gives it at the age of 41, 42 and 56.

Each planets gives Rajyog. Saturn and Rahu also give Rajyog. Saturn also gives continuous Rajyog. Every planet gives their good or bad result by the time. If Sun is good then due to prestige one can get government position and Rajyog. Government positions with more responsibility give Rajyog. The more powerful Rajyog gives more power, respect and money. The finger of Sun should be straight. Sun line would be clear and it might be long or short.
 Do you have Rajayog?- Check yourself - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Moon creates the best Rajyog. If Moon is strong, it is in front of Sun and it has effect of Jupiter or Venus then it gives best result. When Moon gives Rajyog then person gets too much splendor. When Moon is good then woman gets success with the help of man and man gets success with the help of woman. It gives success and prosperity without any work. If Moon is weak then it creates problem to get Rajyog.

Sometimes Rajyog can be affected by enemies. It is also not complete due to family. Rajyog also affected due to take right decision, use such opportunities on right time. Rahu and Ketu are the main planets which creates problem in Rajyog. Rajyog affect duet to shade of Rahu and Ketu. If Rahu and Ketu are in the way of Rajyog then it is difficult to get it. Rahu gives result after the hard work. If Ketu’ part is upward, lines of manibhadh are broken then Rajyog affected. Person have to struggle even if he born in good family.

You should do such measure for Ketu and also worship to your deity so that you can get good splendor. Such prosperity, happiness in Rajyog after too much hard work. If person gets success in adverse situation then it is called adverse Rajyog. In adverse Rajyog planet gives prosperity after denying their bad results.

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