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Venus comes in weak Mars. Many relations can be broken up. Also married life may be disturbed. People who are going for love marriage they should remain careful. Moon, Venus and Jupiter creates love. These planets give honesty and direction in love.

Pyaar Ka Vardan - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Pyaar Ka Vardan - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Moon creates emotions. The purity of emotions depends on Moon. Moon also gives habitual. Person having weak moon cannot love. Moon cannot awake the emotions. If Moon is “Magh purna falguni utara falguni hasta’s first place or second and third place of chitra, anuradha, jayestha and ghanistha constellation or there is no good effect on Moon then person cannot make love. If Moon is in such constellation and there is no good effect then person does misuse of love. No one can make trust on this type of people. They are not loyal with their partner. They do not have emotion. If there is combination of Moon – Ketu or Moon – Saturn or Moon is strong and alone then person becomes more sensitive and in habitual. This type of people always does sensitive talks and they also cry more.

Normal talks also affect them. They expect more from their partners. People start avoiding them. Conflicts increase due to more emotions. Their progress will stop. It also affects on their health and then they separated. There is adverse effect on mind and body. Person’s education and family disturbed. Person may go for suicide. If Moon is in Ashwini, Krutika, Punarvashu, Swati, Satmisha then person can get true love. They may also be habitual. Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces people Moon is good then they become good partners. There must be coordination of emotions, sentiment and habitual in love.

Venus shows three types of nature in love. They are attraction, momentum and passion. Venus gives success in love, marriage. It gives happiness in marriage. If Saturn and Jupiter cannot control the Venus then person may lose their track. Due to such combination of Moon and Venus love becomes failure. They cannot get happiness in married life. If there is combination of Venus and Mars then person remain careful. Person may have to suffer defamation and will. Women should remain more careful in this situation. 

Such women cannot get married or she may have gandharwa marriage or she cannot get love from their husband. Such males noble this women. Love not only shows presence of someone but also it is result of mind activity. Mind’s Oxytocin, nutrotrafin and phetomosh creates love. If two person’s hormone’s match then love creates and that is called love chemistry. Combination of Venus – Moon –Mars creates love between two people.

If Venus is good with Jupiter then it creates strong and true love. If Jupiter is strong then person can leave anything. This type of people support love in any way. Good combination of Jupiter and Venus give success to the love. True love cannot occur without good Jupiter. If Jupiter is not good then there is no happiness in love. Partners will doubt each other.

You should check your birth chart whether there is possibility for true love is there or not. However if your birth chart matches with each other then you can do marriage.

You should do meditation. Unnecessary desire will ends up. If you have Pitrudosh then you should do such measure. In this case you have leaved your love or family. You should serve the cow. You should match birth chart. If it is not match then you should do such measure.

You can write your partners name with pomegranate pen and Ashthgandh ink. You should keep this in front of Sun. Ashthgandh ink would be made with agar, Tagar, white and red sandal, kastoori, saffron, Kapoor and gorochan by adding water. If Venus is very weak and person does love marriage then his/her mother has adverse effect on health. It affects on mother’s eyes and blood pressure. If they want to do love marriage then also they should do such measure. You should donate Juwar at least the 10% portion of mother’s weight twice in a year. You can take gift pots of pital or kasha from paternal home. At the time of marriage you should donate Godan.

If Moon and Jupiter is weak and if you do love marriage then you should do such measure. You should give silver ring to wear in your partners’ parents. It should be wear in index finger. Husband and wife should plant 36 tree of pippal. If Venus is on ninth place then you should not accept such donation. If there is a possibility of marriage then you should do such measure. They can flow copper coin or white flower in water for a 43 days. 

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