Astrological Importance of Lemon - Astro Uncle

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Lemon or nimbu, everyone knows the benefit and importance of Lemon. But today, we are going to discuss about the Astrology importance of Lemon from Astro Uncle. Lemon is the best source to eject poison from the body. Intake of lemon decreases the level of poison in the body. If you rub lemon on body then it reduces the negativity of the body.

Astrological Importance of Lemon - Astro Uncle

Astrological Importance of Lemon - Astro Uncle
If child is ill from the long time and you do not get any idea behind his illness then Rahu is responsible for that. You should throw the lemon after scrubbing on child’s body. You should do this for 41 days, you may get benefit.

If Mercury affects you then also you can use lemon. If you cannot save money, have problem in speech, also has intestines problem, immune system affects, urine infection then you should use lemon to get benefits.

You can do “Om Bu Budhay Namah” for 108 times and scrub the lemon on stomach. You have to break the lemon by leg and throw it. Mother can also do Reiky, she has to keep lemon on child’s forehead and does mediate on that. You have to do this for 10-15 minutes and throw the lemon. If child have some bad effects and he is crying continuously or he does not eat then you can peel off lemon from his head and throw it in water.

If there is decrease in attraction, prestige and respect of someone personality then you can peel off the lemon by memorizing your deity while bathing and throw it.

You can do worship of deity for 11, 21, 51 or 108 times, you may get benefits. If you are suffering from long time disease then you can keep on that place and worship your deity. You will slowly get benefits.

When you have weakness in body then take one lemon and add two teaspoon honey and water. You can drink this water 3-4 times in a day. Do not eat immediately after fasting. You can drink 3-4 times lemon juice in a day and then take dinner. You can sip lemon spreading black pepper. It reduces vomiting, heat problem and stomach warms. You can grind lemon seeds and eat them. It reduces the stomach warms. Take mild hot water and add lemon juice in it and drink that water which reduces the fat from the body. If you have vomiting and acidity problem then you can eat lemon, you may get benefit.

You can scrub the skin of lemon on Phode-Phushi and spots. It reduces the same. You can also eat the powder of lemon skin. If you have spots problem on the face due to stomach then you can eat ginger and lemon twice in a day. You will get benefit. If you have black skin problem due to constipation then you can drink mild hot water adding lemon juice.

You can also drink lemon juice after having lunch or dinner so that the fat cannot increase.

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