About Previous Birth - Purva janma ke karmo ka is Janam Main Phal

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There is every one past of one present. Present is the base of the future. The present is the last truth of life. The good and bad work done in the past affects in the present. The work is done in this birth gives fruit in the next birth. The birth chart in which there is rundosh they does not have progress.

About Previous Birth  - Purva janma ke karmo ka is Janam Main Phal

 About Previous Birth  - Purva janma ke karmo ka is Janam Main Phal
The place where rundosh occurs then no good work can be done. If one’s body is fit but due to dosh in place one cannot get child. If the Venus is in fifth place and it is alone then you have swarun dosh. This type of person has denied love and religion in past birth. They cannot get true love also they have problems in their married life. Person would have negative activity and thinking. They have fear of prison. Family does not have splendor.

The person get child in difficult situation. They recall the god when they are in difficulty. Their home or rooms are between the stairs. They have many ways to go on the terrace. They may have to suffer with diabetes and heart problem.

One should get health and peace by doing Yagna lending money from different homes. They cannot get peace without recalling the god. One cannot get peace until he does not have good character. Do not eat non-veg food. You should serve birds and animals. You should give respect to cow. If you do not get attention even though you should serve old age people. You should worship of your mother and Lord Krishna. You should go to some historical place. You should avoid you arrogance. You should do such work on your own. You have to accept loneliness as a desire of god. This situation one face due to splendor and very cruel life style in previous birth.

Mental disorder shows that one has done theft and ate non-veg food in their previous birth. Even one has taken money by threaten others. Many people have Phode Phushi and skin problems which shows that you may have given wrong advice to other because of your interest. If a person has liver problem occasionally then he should have harass a weak lady or pundit. If one has heart problem several times then they may have treat lady in a wrong way in previous birth. People suffer due to Cancer, Piles, dishonesty, taking money and harassing weak persons. You should regret your sins. Birth chart is the account of previous birth. There are 12 places of birth chart. The first, fifth and ninth place of birth chart depends upon the ordination of previous birth. This place shows what type of good or bad work you have done in your previous birth. It also shows how it affects in this birth.
 About Previous Birth  - Purva janma ke karmo ka is Janam Main Phal

Whenever your planets are too much weak then cow, dog and crow cannot take from your hand. Sometimes it is possible that you see beggar but they do not accept your donation. If Ketu is in fourth place and they have does disrespect their mother and water then you cannot get peace without regret that sin. People have fear of punishment, heart, blood and kidney problems. They cannot save money. Even though earning good money one can have debt. They build their home with too much difficulty and they do not have splendor in it. You should serve your mother and old age people. You can give silver jewellery in a gift. Your behavior should be polite and the home should be under your mother’s name.

If Jupiter is first, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth place then person would be idol or pundit. They were not part of spiritual activity. They cannot do spiritual activity, does not get happiness in education, money, prestige and support from father and child. Their concentration would be weak. You should serve birds, animals. You should do meditation and such spiritual activity so that they do not have to face adverse effect. They have to live their life as a pundit. Person’s left hand work as consolidate and right hand work as a commencement. Left hand shows what we have taken from our previous birth and right hand shows what we can get after regretting. Death does not mean that one’s breathe stops. It means the vitality comes out from the head. Those who do good work they do not suffer at the time of death. Those who have Sun, Moon or Mars are in tenth or eleventh place their death would be complicated. They may have poverty or weak health or family problems for long time. This connection affects for such people in their whole life. They have to serve and help weak people. They have to feed birds and animals. They can also give medicines to helpless people.

If there is small line with life line on fish line and Venus Mountain then person gets happiness from child. You distraction from life of pundit you does not get happiness from women or child. If you lose wonder the pundit life then you should serve animals, Swadhyay and knowledge distribution. If there is Sun line and life line goes to Jupiter then one should remain polite. You should serve the world. The thought is implicit in soul which is known as ordination. Soul removes from the body after the death. If person’s Moon, Sun and idol are strong then they get their child stronger. One can convert ordinary soul into extra ordinary soul by doing Yoga and spiritual activity.

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