Wife and Mother-in-law Relation - Saas bahu aur jyotish -Astro Uncle

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There are many family separates due to conflicts between wife and mother-in-law. It affects the whole family. Husband has to suffer between wife and mother. The planets are responsible for the conflicts between this two.

Wife and Mother-in-law Relation - Saas bahu aur jyotish -Astro Uncle

Wife and Mother-in-law Relation - Saas bahu aur jyotish -Astro Uncle
Conflict occurs due to Pitrudosh in home. Due to this there is no peace at home. Due to Mangal dosh in girl’s conflicts occurs with their mother-in-law. A woman whose Ketu is weak and who have making of doubts then also conflicts occurs. They cannot support each other. Weak Ketu increase the doubts, distrust and complaints which cannot make harmony between each other.

If Rahu affects main planet and Moon then person criticize others. They also taunt to each other. Person also does not give respect due to adverse effect of Rahu. Mother-in-law should not expect from her sister-in-law that she does everything exactly as she is doing. As mother-in-law has more experience and knowledge. So she should neglect the mistakes which are done by sister-in-law. On the same way, sister-in-law should respect the mother-in-law in every matter.

Women who have habit of dominating others they never become good mother-in-law. It creates conflicts. If Moon-Ketu or Moon-Saturn gives adverse effect then women cannot become good wife or mother-in-law. Woman who is suffering due to swarun dosh they remain worried.

Girls get bad mother-in-law if they had taken someone’s money, harassed widow and pregnant woman in past birth. Girl should remove the fear and intuition to get love from mother-in-law. You should keep patience. One should not give advice that mother-in-law is extraneous. If main planet and first place of birth chart is weak then there is no combination between wife and mother-in-law.

Woman whose Mars and Mercury are good they can get good sister-in-law. Also whose fifth and eleventh place is strong they can get good sister-in-law. They have good combination and love between each other. Weak Mercury increases the conflicts between sisters-in-law. If Rahu and Ketu affects then woman does not get good sister-in-law. Due to connection of Saturn and Mars woman cannot make support their sister-in-law. If Rahu, Saturn and Mars affects fifth or eleventh place of mother-in-law’s birth chart then they have conflicts. If the ninth position is also not good then sister-in-law want to leave at some other place. If Rahu-Saturn and Mars affects fifth and eleventh place then also woman get angry sister-in-law. If mother-in-law’s Rahu, Mars and Saturn are not good then wife does such things which her mother-in law dislikes. Wife involves her parental side in ever matter. They always disrespect her mother-in-law. If twelfth place of mother-in-law’s is affected by Rahu and Mars then she has to face legal issues. If a girl Moon is affected by Rahu, Ketu and Saturn then she has to face problem at their husband’s home. If there is no effect of Sun or Jupiter on bad time then there might be also problem at girl’s home.

If girl’s second place is weak then mother-in-law does not like her education and beauty. She never likes the food which is made by her sister-in-law. Weak Rahu, Sun and Moon does not help a girl to get prestige at her husband’s home. If girl’s second, fourth and eighth place is strong then she gets too much prestige. If mother’s fifth or Mars is too much strong then she take too much rights on her son. She does completion with her sister-in-law. She also interferes in their life.

Strong Moon and second place of birth chart gives good mother-in-law. Girl whose eighth place is good she also get good mother-in-law. Girl whose owner of tenth place is strong she also get good mother-in-law. If marriage line moves towards heart line then girl would have problem at their husband’s home. If there are such line start from Mountain of Moon and stops on Manibhandh then also girl have problem at their husband’s home. Also if there is spider on Mountain of Venus then also she has to face problem. If Jupiter finger is downward and Mountain of Mercury is near to Sun then also she has to face problem. If such line starts from Mountain of Sun and goes to Mountain of Mercury then it does not give emotional support.

If there are so many holes on Mars and too many lines on Mountain of Venus, then girl does not get happiness. If Mars comes on Moon and Mountain of Moon is downward then girl does not get happiness.

You should give space to everyone to live their life. Do not interfere in others life. You should try to adjust with each other. Do not share your problems and take advice until it is necessary. You should laugh and avoid/neglect the conflicts. Those who want prestige they should plant Tulsi or sunflower at their home. Do not drink water in glasses. You should serve cow and birds. You can also flow one “Kill” and coconut in water on moon night. You should not use iodine on Sunday. If you have more spit problem then you should do “Aditya Hriday Strot”. You can also keep such plant which roots can be cut. You can extinguish the light with milk.

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