Simple Time Management Tips by Astro Uncle

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In today's world, you have to deal with lots of busyness, even if you don't want to. So, here is how to manage your time and finish your work in time.  Janiye kaise kare samay ka sad upyog, astro uncle se :)

Simple Time Management Tips by Astro Tips

It is not such that a person who is lazy can do their waste time. If a person’s Venus and Mercury are weak then he cannot work according to time.

If a person’s Mars is weak in twelfth, first and in second place then they do not understand the importance of time. Person’s Jupiter affects twelfth, first and second place then he cannot understand the value of time.

If there is a connection of Mars and Jupiter then a person understands the value of time. They do not only rate their time but also they rate others time.

However, if Mars and Jupiter are on different place and in weak conditions then those persons do not rate others time.

It is important to maintain the work according to time. If you want good life then you should keep yourself in a control.

You should work in a discipline way to achieve your daily targets. You should take your daily targets in a serious way. You should make habit of writing your daily targets in a diary.

You can set alarm to wake up in the morning. You should make your time table. Person who is unable to work according to time they are not satisfied with their life. They have stress on their face. Their energy level decrease.

Those who are working according to planning only they can do new and creative work. Others can only follow that. You should work according to planning so that Mercury and Venus does not affect.

You can drink water in copper glass. It increases the consciousness and also it gives strength to Mercury. Drinking water in copper glass also helps us to make out stomach healthy.

When you feel more laziness then you can flow copper in water. You can get patience slowly and also your stress level decreases.

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